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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 26, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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bake it, fry, or stick on a rocket, it's the day to give thanksgiving -- >> for all the turkey fails. >> get it on the table, america, what can possibly go wrong? leftover pies are put to use by pranksters. see why whipped cream could get you a whipping. >> that would be me. i can't get over it, but trust me, i'll figure out how to get
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you. >> dude is terrified, but the turkey thinks -- >> the guy just wants to be friends. >> the clingy bird who can't take a hint. >> turkey, turkey, turkey. >> and family time means family photos. just say -- >> cheese. >> see the kink in this thanksgiving portrait. >> look for a hot second, see -- oh. >> time to be thankful for all the turkey fails. i think this is a classic, dropping the turkey into the big batch of boiling oil. >> this is always so dangerous. >> people burn down their homes doing this stuff. >> yeah. >> but this video with what we know what happens and everything went flawlessly. >> yeah! >> if you're not cooking your turkingly a vat of oil, you are cooking it in the oven like these people here. things change. >> [ bleep ].
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>> oh. >> cut the oxygen off. >> in the end, they did put out the fire, but their turkey was half burned. >> this girl is walking through the house, it's thanksgiving, she's recording the family. >> happy thanksgiving! >> she picks it up to show the camera. >> instead, she just falls on her booty. >> who wants a ham sandwich? >> this next one -- >> how many are there? >> they call it a turkey rocket because right at the tip of the rocket is a turkey. >> didn't take off, it exploded. >> but, if you fail one, try
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again which these guys did. >> are they just trying to give thanks to the aliens above? they want the aliens to have turkey? >> it goes really far up in the sky, and eventually, it all crumbles to pieces. they all come crashing down to the ground and they find their turkey. coming out with the a canopy, they find it, and it is covered in dirt. and apparently it's there. >> it is good. >> oh, what a wonderful time of the year when it gives back. >> but there is one group that doesn't -- you know, angry right now, as we can see. this turkey has just decided that he will take out with his brief with humanity on the human that's in front of him. he tries to take it away. >> oh.
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>> terrifying. >> surprisingly, the turkey does not take off in terror, ends up chasing the guy inside the car. the video continues. >> pretty turkey. >> can we not be friends? >> no, question not be friends. that's pretty much resounding no. in terms of communication, i think he speaks fluent turkish. he said he was a handsome turkey towards the end. he was stressing in front of him, like he's a cat walk. >> he's like, i am the alpha, you're a human, gob away. >> young guys, having a big old -- we've seen it so many times, i think we've been at the world turkey. >> they are a wild turkey. >> all videos of these turkeys just having a full-on rumble. develop having a disagreement, and oh, come on, calm down, calm down. one gets himself in the middle. >> they've got their neck blocked. this time of year, they need to be nice. >> on the line.
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>> turkey's against the world. >> it just continues escalating. looks like it comes down, it gets rough and knock over this bucket. >> hey. everybody creeps up. >> run, guys, run, they're going call the popo. i'm going to start off by saying that if this ever happened to me, they are back and this time, with the throwing ties at people prank. dp you see these people, jogging down the street -- >> [ bleep ]. >> terrifying in the face of running. they're going to chase you, buddy. >> up next, jumps in. >> escalator, shut out. >> oh man. this is -- >> this is the kind of thing that you don't -- wish you could do sometimes.
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but look at the people that did do it. >> they're waiting for a bus. >> maybe like on his way to a job interview or something. >> and check and stretch and ta-da, oh. >> i hope he can run faster than that dude. >> no because it didn't happen to me. >> they continue on. >> this guy chasing him all around the parking lot after she hits the dark garage, and this woman is minding her own business, trying to find laundry detergent. not even fires that. >> oh! >> so yeah, the fellows are changing the channel, justifies that they gave everybody a towel and paid for dry cleaning. but again, if you've ever seen the street, do not pie me.
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that man you see right there with the camera, that is rafael, he's skiing in chile in the andes mountains for his 21st birthday. you see what's behind him? that is a horse. that horse got stranded in a snow drift. he said the horse was lethargic, disoriented, so he and other skiers decided, you no what, we have got to dig this horse out. >> this is a wild horse or if it came from somebody -- belonged to somebody? >> it does belong to somebody, not a wild horse. the owner says the horse was missing four days before rafael discovered him. and as you can see here, with a shovel he adds, sprinkled out biscuits so the horse would have something to eat. >> when he saw it, it just wasn't moving at all. it placed its legs, like it had given up. >> the exact words was that the horse had given up. wasn't moving. so they put a rope around the
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horse. and as you can see, once they start leading the horse, the horse follows them down the hill. >> that's incredible. >> great. >> good job, guys. >> now this happened about 24 miles from santiago, chile, the owner had no idea how the horse wandered up there. >> great work by these guys for what they did. being aware, digging out, feeding, taking him back, it's brilliant. >> yeah. >> and here the horse walking on the side of the road, just going back, being led back home. the owner happy that the horse was found. holidays bring family togethe together. >> the sneaky method that has mom jumping off her couch. plus, the definition of lucky -- >> it's an outy, it's going to be quick. ready. hold, hold, go. >> why these should be extremely thankful.
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closed captioning provided by -- non-prescription ibgard is right for you. ibgard calms the angry gut. available at cvs and walgreens. in case you forget what the definition of monkey looks like. take a look at these videos. involving deer. >> oh. >> ha-ha. >> it's almost like they see the card, yep, time to go. >> it's like, an extreme sport in deer world.
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okay, here it comes, it's going to be quick. ready, hold, hold, go. >> yeah, that's how they get their adrenaline rush. >> right, like base jumping for deer. >> good thing for the deer in this case, they jumped out in front of an audi, the high performance car slows down as quickly as it accelerates. this was actually part of a hill climb race. so that audi was really full throttle at that point. >> did the deer win? >> i think so. >> let's jump on over to albany, california, where you see the deer crossing signs frequently. this guy didn't read it prop properly. he's going right down highway 80. >> is that the deer leg? >> yeah, he's in the lane. >> yeah, he's merging. he's moving over to the right. checking his rear view antlers to make sure there's nobody on the right side. >> he's doing good for a one deer power. >> he gets off on the ramp and down he goes. >> honestly, better driving than
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most people on the zone. >> no crashes, no fights. >> you could learn something, america. >> there's my friend. surprise! >> that's what the videos are all about. >> families, hanging out in in their front room. nothing special going on, but of course we can see there are cameras rolling. somebody's up to something. maybe this woman will face time trevor. he's a marine that's overseas. >> sure, he is. >> this one i like, this is inventive way. the phone starts ringing right there, and the dad's like no, you're calling the wrong phone. hangs it up. she's like oh, claiming there must be a misunderstanding, i called the wrong phone, but the phone rings again. who's phone is this? >> have you seen my phone?
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has anybody seen my phone. >> dad just like, what, mom just explodes. >> i like that one. it was a pretty good one. the casual nature. has anyone seen my phone? >> and his dad is just stunned, is this real or am i hallucinating? >> later on they point out on the cameras, the two labtops rallying behind the scene. mom's like oh, i didn't spot it. but it's a nice move. now another homecoming for you. he's been away for six months, and someone is very, very, very, very happy to see him. >> oh, i love you, i miss you, i'm going to get dad, i'm going to get it. >> so smart to do this in the backyard. >> right? >> gave the dog the room he needed to express his love.
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>> we're in west virginia, and this kid is out hunting squirrels with his dad and little brother, but he's climbing the tree, not for fun, there's something stuck in there. >> yeah, what is that? >> that is a hawk. and according to to the dad who's filming this, that hawk's leg is jammed in there. so he climbs up there, and kind of loosens him. the hawk is still in the tree, but they've got its leg unstuck. >> aw. >> he can't even stand on that leg now, but this adventure is not over, because now you see that clay has is wrapped up in a jacket, got a big smile on his face because he's a hero. that's reese, the little guy standing next to him. >> his leg is pretty damaged, but i think he can be nursed back to health. >> looking back at him, like are you sure? >> clay is wanting to be a vet when he grows up. it seems like he's put in the right place to help animals. >> now this is a perfect example
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of somebody who went bow hunting and made a friend instead. >> so here he is, tall grasses. and he says he heard something behind him, so he turned around and looked to see what it was. you guys, this is like, well, this is strange. and this is what he says to the pheasant. >> honey bunny. >> meanwhile, all the pheasant hunters are thinking, come on! >> i didn't know what i'm going to do with my cold food, hot food, gravy is lumpy and no roaster rack for my turkey. >> if you're hosting, don't freak out, we have easy fixes. stay calm and let jessica give you some awesome tips. and a photo shoot gets the best type off photo bomb.
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and not everybody's a thanksgiving ninja. there's new byes throughout, like myself you get into a thanksgiving day panic, don't freak out. >> o', i don't know what i'm going to do with cold food, hot food, my gravy's lumpy, and i don't have a roaster rack for my turkey. >> don't freak out, we have some easy fixes, our own jessica horse is showing us a few. >> too many people bringing too much stuff and your fridge is packed, throw it in here. >> a lot of us have a cooler
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sitting in the garage that you never thought about pulling out. >> then if you don't have ice, minute just take some stuff from your freezer, that's already cold and throw some stuff in there. frozen peas and the broccoli and stuff. >> if the turkey is done before everything else, stick your turkey in the ice chest than if it was just on top of the stove. >> interesting. >> ah. >> gravy, gravy's a tough one. too lumpy, too runny, too thick, how do you fix it? get the lumps out by using this. dip it out. >> that's smart. >> good idea. >> broth, wine, or water will thin out thick gravy. may need to season it up a little bit more. >> people like it a little bit thicker. >> you're going to make a rue, melted but the we are flour. nice and thick, make yourself a paste and add in there -- >> one of the other panic attacks, roasting rack, do you have one? did you lend it out and not get it back? just a word, our own person has
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a fix for it. >> you have your roasting pan, and then like you said, somehow you don't have the rack, and it is important, it helps the turkey cook evenly and baste it easier. i'm going to show you thousand make a roasting rack with the foil. really long strip. if you could pull that will for us. >> oh really, really long. >> now you're just going to roll it like a snake. >> like this? >> yeah. >> oh, i got it, you're making a coil. >> exactly. >> does matter if shiny is that -- >> does not matter. >> now we're going to take it and coil it. >> okay. >> there we go. >> and you just wrap it in there, open it up maybe a little bit. we're going to kind of get in there, open it a little bit so it fits your pan, whatever roasting pan you're using and lay your turkey on top of that. it's going to keep it off of the bottom. you're going get your juices all over the place. it's going to be great. >> yeah. if you want to know the details enon how to do them, go to the website, right this,
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click on the tv show or go to our mobile app. happy thanksgiving. tiffany rogers had gone out to the woods with her four week old son connor to commemorate the four-week birthday. and look who came to visit them. >> aw. >> wow, they say that children and animals, unless they're just cooperating. >> and these were cooperating amazingly. they set up the baby on this bail of hay, he's on a blanket, there's pumpkins, leaves there, and then the deer started creeping out from behind. they didn't to want move the baby because they thought, you know, these might be cool pictures. >> everything else is out there, it's like oh, you managed to get. which photographer did you use? >> mother nature coming by to see the baby. >> and they actually did end up getting photos which they sent
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to us. >> the deer probably saw that all that bright stuff and was like, looking good. >> then it saw the baby's bald head and thought -- >> hmm, melon. >> these pictures, we did the same thing, they end up on your wall forever. and this is going to be one of the great memories as they get to show the child when they grow up. it's time for the holiday family photo. >> it's not very often during the year that you actually get everybody together, but why this moment has everyone in tears. >> looks for a hot second, she went, whew. narrator: when you see this truck,
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but i'm going to invite you. >> we'll be at the party. it is very common for families to get together during the holidays to take that family picture because it's not very often during the year that you actually get everybody together. these guys in this family are getting together. the camera's being set-up. watch what happens. >> three, two, one, cheese. >> more like, will you marry me? looks far hot second, she went, oh. >> like moving away. >> your whole family, your mother's right there, right now? >> i loved seeing this all
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ripple through the crowd. who gets it first, who is just takes a second. >> then they all start screaming. >> what you really want to see now is the flash go. >> yeah, the screaming was on far while. everybody's happy. so is she. the bride to be, and if she says yes, she starts crying. >> oh, everyone's crying. look at them, they're all wiping their eyes. >> enjoy the rest of your thanksgiving weekend everyone, we'll see you next time.
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